photographs Free Party by Margot Wallard

Born in 1978, Margot Wallard start photography at 16 years old.
In 1997, she realizes a serie about Free Party and organizes many exhibitions in alternative spaces in Paris.

photographs of Atelier Reflexe by Margot Wallard

In 1999 she starts the Atelier Reflexe, promotion and creation place that treat the photographic research as artistic expression.
She met and works with people in the Art World and photographs such such as Antoine D’Agata, Michael Ackerman or Anders Petersen.

photographs of Arles festival and Reflexe

In 2001 she organizes during the International Photographic Festival of Arles projection of slide show Everywhere in the City. She became the assistant of Véronique Bourgoin, artist photographer and founder of Atelier Reflexe.

photographs of the book Ex-In by Margot Wallard

In 2004, she participates as a photographer and assistant management at the project Ex-in, supported by the European Commission, about public and private space.
A book and an exhibition at the Gallery Maeght of Barcelona, Gallery Fotohof in Salzburg, Voies Off during the Arles Festival or Gallery Confluences in Paris, presented this project. The same year a retrospective of her photography about Free party are presented at the Heart Gallery, in Paris.

photographs of the serie No Name No City by Margot Wallard

She started the project No Name No City. Her inspiration comes from her travels in Ukraine, Russia and China. A first exhibition of the project No Name No City was showed in the Museum Quarter of Vienna during the month of Photography in November 2004 and at the b>Gallery during the Fotografia International Rome´s Festival, in 2008.

photographs of the exposition Eu Women

In 2007, she collaborate to the European Project Eu Women, initiate by Véronique Bourgoin and supported by the European Commission. Between 2008 and 2009 and exhibition, a cd-rom and a book of this project were presented in New York Photo Festival 08, United States, Foto Festiwal, Gallery FF, Lodz, Poland, Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, France, and Gallery Coberturaphoto, Séville, Spain.

photographs of the exposition Eu Women

In 2008, she starts the project My brother Guillaume & Sonia about his brother and the relation he had with her girlfriend. Both were alcoholics. This project is publish by Journal Edition, in 2013.
In 2010 she settled in Sweden and started a photography school Atelier Smesdby with the photographer JH Engström.

photographs of the work with Superlabo, Japan

Margot Wallard and JH Engström published 3 books together: Foreign Affair (2011) and 7 Days, Athens, November 2011 (2012), and karaoke Sunne all published by Super Labo Edition.

In 2012 she started a new project Natten about her relationship with Swedish nature. This project was exhibited in Landskrona Foto Festival in 2014 and Gallery Nabokov, Paris, in 2015. The series was also shortlisted for The Source-cord Prize in 2014, The Leica Oskar Barnack Award and The Dummy Award Kassel in 2015.